Director’s Message

My educational motto has always been ‘Linking Learning to Life’. I have an idealistic and passionate view of Education. I want what all parents want for their children and indeed, what children want for themselves – that they should be inspired and motivated in an environment which is stimulating and exciting, happy and safe.

 I value worth, inspiration, individuality, motivation, initiativeness, creativity, intellect & academic excellence the most.

We at A.C. Global School prepare the children for a life of leadership, service, and respect of others, creativity, personal fulfillments and a sense of responsibility for their own actions. I look for a number of qualities in a school – high expectation of children, passionate and enthusiastic teachers, caring and supporting parents, a learning environment, strong value system, tech savvy learning environment and concern for others. I assure you will find all these in A.C. Global School, Banur .

                               -Mr.  Saurabh Agnihotri

                                               B.Tech, MBA (HR) Punjab University, Chandigarh