To ensure healthy competition, the school has been divided into Four Houses, which are named after the great personalities in their respective fields. To maintain their distinct identity, each house has been allotted a colour. The pictures of these great personalities are displayed in the School campus to motivate the children. Their biography with achievements is often repeated in the assembly. These are as under:-

·        Mozart House: Symbol of skill, determination & planning

·        Albert Einstein House: Symbol of innovation,hard work & perseverance

·        William Shakespeare House: Symbol of zest, willingness & co-operation  

·        Leonardo- da- Vinci House:   Symbol of iron determination

Clubs   : To train the students in various fields and encourage them to participate in different competitions & activities, the School has the following clubs: 

Health & Environment Club: The school is working in accordance with the rules and regulations of C.B.S.E to promote Comprehensive School Health Programme in all its earnestness.

Eco- Club: The school inculcates love for environment and sensitizes the young minds to the issues of environment through various activities & competitions.

Honey Bee Creativity Club: To inculcate the creativity of the students number of creative activities & competition are arranged by this club .It provides the students a platform to showcase their latent talent.

Library Club: Library club fills the innocent minds with novel ideas, vocabulary & thinking through book mark making, collage work, quizzes, puzzle vocabulary games, reading competitions etc. 

Heritage Club: The club regularly indulges in heritage walks, collage making and quizzes to apprise the students with the historical importance of Punjab.

Co- Curricular Activities

Classes P Nur. - X have been divided into four houses to facilitate various activities. These activities are regularly conducted for the overall development of the child. The winners of these activities are awarded by the school. Principles of honesty, trust, co-operation, self-reliance, hard work and pursuit of excellence are inculcated among the students through these activities. Therefore, the parents are requested to encourage their wards to participate in these activities. The main co-curricular activities are as follows :- 

Pre  Nursery to III



Competitions :-

Drawing and colouring, Hand writing (Hindi & Eng.), Spelling, Recitation (Hindi & Eng.), Clay Modelling, Dodging table, Cartoon Making and Fancy Dress. 

Celebrations :-

Colours Days, Fruits Day, Vegetables Day, Flowers Day, Brushing Day, Christmas Day. Balloon's Day, etc.

Other Happenings :-

Dental Care Week,

Green & Clear Environment Week, Games & Sports Picnic etc.

Competitions :-

Hand writing (Hindi & Eng.), Drawing, Coloring & Painting, Art & Craft, Making Best out of waste, Spelling, Essay (Hindi & Eng.), Book Mark Making, Diya Making,Candle Decoration , Group Discussion, Rangoli Designing ,Speech, Declamation  (Hindi & Eng.), Creative writing, Card Making, Singing etc. 

Celebrations :-

Teacher's Day,Children’s Day ,Christmas Day. etc.

Other Happenings :-

Games & Sports, Picnic & Tree- Plantation, Taekwondo.

Competitions :-

Essay Writing (Hindi & Eng.), Group Discussion, Mehandi, Art & Craft, Gift Packing, G.K. Quiz, Book Mark Making, Cartoon Making, Poster Making & slogan writing. 

Celebrations :-

Teacher's Day,Children’s Day ,Christmas Day. etc.

Other Happenings :-

Games & Sports, Skating, Taekwondo, Theme based Dramatics, Plantation, Picnic, Excursion and Tour.

 Excursion & Visits:

Various trips, tours and excursions are scheduled and conducted round the year. Such trips make the students socially aware, emotionally

stable, culturally rich & educationally enlightened.

Rules & Regulation: 

A.    Students should come to school at least 5 minutes before the bell is ring for assembly. Late comers will be fined.

B.    Any kind of damage to the school property is to be made good by the concerned student only.

C.    Every student is urged to contribute to the discipline and high standard of the school by his manners and contact.

D.    Students are not allowed to bring costly materials, any item of jewellery and mobile phones etc.

E.    Student ensure to keep  the cleaning of teeth regularly, trimming of hair and nails properly.

F.     The school uniform is to be worm on all school days. The student, who is not properly  dressed, will be fined.

G.    Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is strictly prohibited.

H.    The institution does not accept responsibilities for accidents or / and loss of any valuable item like jewellery etc though proper care is taken to prevent such things.

I.     All students should  maintain school discipline / complete their home work / be in proper school uniform /  come to  school on time etc.

J.     A student may be debarred from the examination due to unsatisfactory progress in studies, insufficient attendance or serious misconduct.

K.    The school reserves the right to dismiss any students whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to the school or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their ward. Immorality, grave insubordination, contempt of authority or the damage to school property are sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion. In such cases, the students who are to appear for Board Examination may also be disqualified to appearing in these exams.

School Uniform

For Boys

Summer Uniform :

Grey Shorts (Pre. Nur. to V)
Grey Trousers (VI to X)
Check shirt with school monogram,  Belt, Socks (as per prescribed pattern), Black leather shoes with laces.

Winter Uniform:

Grey warm Trousers (Pre. Nur. to X)
Check shirt with school monogram, Blue  sweater with 'V' shaped neck, Blue jacket
 Belt, Socks (as per prescribed pattern), Black leather shoes with laces.

Games Uniform: Wednesday & Saturday

White Shorts (I to V)
White Trousers (VI to X)
House color  T-shirt, white socks with house colour  strips & white P.T. shoes.

For Girls

Summer Uniform:

(Pre. Nursery to VII) - Grey tunic with 'V' shaped neck, check shirt with school monogram,  Belt, Socks & Black leather shoes with buckle, blue ribbon.

Winter Uniform:

Grey warm tunic, blue  sweater with 'V' shaped neck,blue jacket , check shirt,  Belt, Socks & Black leather shoes with buckle, blue ribbons.

Games Uniform: (Pre. to X) Wednesday & Saturday

House colour ‘T’shirt, white divider (as per prescribed pattern), white P.T. shoes, white socks with house colour strips, white hair band.